Specialty Papermaking Consultant

Project List

Ø Promoted safety in all aspects of manufacturing. Under my leadership work force earned two American Paper Institute now the American Forest and Paper Association safety awards.

Ø Trained in Kepner Tregoe problem solving methods and applied them to papermaking trouble-shooting operations.

Ø Designed headbox and table layout on pilot machine at the Forest Products Lab in Madison, WI. for prototype trial products prior to machine rebuild.

Ø Implemented use of high charge density and low molecular weight polymers as formation aids to reduce mottling and improve sheet appearance.

Ø Implemented use of dual polymer systems to raise first pass and over-all retention on highly filled grades.

Ø Developed repulping method to reuse SBR and NBR impregnated scrap and broke without appreciable loss of physical properties.

Ø Upgraded old 3 section cascade style drying control system to 4 section thermocompressor control system.

Ø Recommended key headbox and stock flow approach systems design for major paper machine rebuild to prevent stock settling.

Ø Applied blind drilling pattern to land areas of suction press rolls on paper machine to improve sheet smoothness.

Ø Converted 7 cylinder machine to a fourdrinier machine to enable supply to automotive markets.

Ø Utilized the “Train-the Trainer” approach to train entire workforce to facilitate paper machine rebuild.

Ø Managed numerous environmental cost reduction projects: Reduced water discharge rates and temps, drastic reduction in TSS, BOD to Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Ø Modified fourdrinier headboxes to improve formation, improve CD basis weight/caliper profile resulting in reduction of scrap rates and overall improved quality.

Ø Designed effective wash-up tools to help reduce downtime on grade changes that resulted in reduced labor hours and scrap losses associated with product changes.

Ø Set up new fourdrinier table using all vacuum induced foil boxes.

Ø Promoted viable safety systems like Proctor and Gamble Methodology that focused on individual behaviors and responsibilities.

Ø Developed a MS Excel database for daily tracking of total machine efficiency resulting in understanding of where time was being lost and why.

Ø Developed comprensive training programs for maintenance personnel.

Ø Developed optimized grade sequencing based on furnish chemistry compatability to reduce scrap, improve quality and yields resulting in improved effectiveness in this new age of short runs.

Ø Installed new stock prep systems consisting of new pulpers, pressure screens, HD cleaners, and profile baskets.

Ø Numerous other projects included press section rebuilds, dry vat installation, braker stacks, dual fired boiler installation, rewinder rebuilds and retrofits, structural improvements, paper testing labs, pre-coat formulations, fiber replacement projects, and many others.