Specialty Papermaking Consultant

My Services

I provide problem solving, temporary technical and operational support to the Specialty Paper Industry. I supply these services to both plant and supplier organizations.

Work can be on either a daily or contract basis.

My practical approach to everyday operations has been widely recognized in all plants where I have worked. My supportive methods assure that every client's workforce receives a foundation to build on after I leave.

As always, I am but a phone call away to clarify concepts when necessary.

I have not had 42 one-year experiences. My experience has been widely varied and always in “specialty" products: specialty tissue, saturation grades, carbonizing tissue, heavy weight paperboard, matboard, file folder, and many highly filled latex reinforced products supplying the appliance, automotive, graphic arts, book cover, and high end packaging markets.

I will be able to “hit the ground running” and help your business in many ways.

Call me if you need temporary help to fill a vacant position in Manufacturing, Engineering, or Maintenance. My management style is designed to impart training and knowledge to your employees by demonstrating alternative problem solving techniques and basic thinking skills that will last long after I have left the scene.

1. On-site problem solving.

2. Mentoring new hires.

3. Temporary management.

4. Project support and review.

5. Project startup planning and implementation.

6. Field visits.

7. Site and facility evaluations.

8. Available literature searches.

9. Reports.

10. Informal brainstorming. Pick my brain.

Rates are available upon request.  Contact Me

Summary of Services Offered

Client Service Credentials
Mill Operations. Problem Solving, Brainstorming, Project Review, Temporary Management, Mentoring & Research. Kepnor-Tregoe Training, Extensive Mill Management, & Project Mangement Experience.
Suppliers. Problem Solving, Brainstorming, Papermaking Advice, Mill Support, Site Visits & Testimonials. Knowledge of wet end chemistry, knowledge of paper machine clothing and papermaking inter-relationships.
Contractors. Technical Advice, Project Review, Brainstorming & Field Services. Kepnor-Tregoe Training, Mill Management, Numerous Projects, & My 33 Years making speciality paper.