Specialty Papermaking Consultant

Testimonials: What Colleagues Say...

"Neil has been utilized several years in our operation making significant contribution on several fronts. He greatly aided our desire to strengthen papermaking disciplines and added detail for our start-up and shutdown methods/procedures. We utilized his strong papermaking knowledge for stretching our perceived capabilities, addressing machinery improvement opportunities, and he provided educational material and instruction in our Papermaking 101/201 Efforts. Personally I leaned on Neil to provide an independent view of our process, daily disciplines to the process, and a looking in perspective, which was so beneficial."

Joe Farney,  Mill Manager, Neenah, Inc, Brownville, NY

"I thought your work, energy and work integrity were exactly what I was looking for."

Robert Lynch,  General Manager, FiberMark, Brownville, NY

"I have worked with Neil Newman for nearly twenty years both as a General Contractor and as an Engineering Consultant. He is a dedicated individual who processes the love of the art and science of papermaking combined with the required drive to get things done. Additionally, he is gifted with the ability to work with his peers and subordinates in a manner that instills knowledge and confidence. His passion for the paper industry combined with his process knowledge, his ability to solve-problems, his ability to address and overcome obstacles is what makes Neil Newman a valuable asset on any team of which he is a member."

Robert Fagel,  P.E., LEED AP, DBIA

"Neil brought an excellent level of energy and expertise to his assignment as assistant plant manager. Neil is detail oriented and collaborates well with others. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Neil and I appreciate his common sense approach to our projects."

Jeff Kane,  Principal Scientist at Interface Solutions Inc.

"From the startup of your new stock prep system, expanded broke use, lower energy and higher productivity results to the housekeeping conditions of the mill, it is evident that this is the result of outstanding team effort and leadership on your part."

Fred A. Szmit,   Division General Manager, Boise Cascade Corp.

"Neil is an extremely capable individual, one of the best scientific papermakers I have met. Displays good judgment, reliability, and inquisitiveness."

John L. Sterzinar,   Production Manager, Burrows Paper Corp.